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Faculty Success

Faculty Success is the university's faculty activities system. This system enables individual faculty members and the University as a whole to promote and report accomplishments and activities. All paid faculty are invited to use Faculty Success to report their accomplishments and activities - to tell their story.

Faculty Activities Data: Telling Y(Our) Story

Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) by 

Use the Workflow Submissions dashboard to view the status of workflow submissions for your faculty and access their submitted materials. 

Submitted annual activity reports, and any personal statements or other materials that were submitted with the report, can be downloaded from the Workflow Submissions dashboard. 

Departments and colleges/schools across the campus are periodically involved in accreditation efforts.

Seven steps from start to finish to prepare and submit your annual report.

This guide explains how to access and navigate the Workflow Submissions Dashboard in Faculty Success.

Annual Activity Report Submission | Approver Instructions Chairs, directors and deans have approval tasks in Faculty Success. The approver for a faculty member's annual report submission is determined by the faculty member's primary appointment in PHR.

We are able to import your activity data from an Excel spreadsheet in bulk into a Faculty Success data screen.

Import activity data from an Excel file and avoid record-by-record editing in the system.
Lists the pre-configured reports in Faculty Success that faculty have access to, and those for administrators only.

Use the self-service report tool to define your own report template, share it with your faculty and run it with data from your faculty.

Not only can you generate custom reports in Faculty Success such as the Annual Activity Report, or University CV, but you can also create your own report templates, save them for

The 2023 Annual Activity Report submission process officially opened on January 16, 2024. All tenured and tenure-track faculty members must complete and submit their 2023 Annual Activity Report by March 15, 2024. Many units will require Professional Track (PTK) faculty members to submit these reports as well. All benefits-eligible PTK faculty will have access to 2023 Annual Activity Reporting using the Workflow function within Faculty Success.
Details on which paid faculty are included as users in Faculty Success, by faculty title.

Demonstration of how to run reports summarizing faculty activity for the year using the Summary Activity Report.

Citations found by Academic Analytics are added to your Faculty Success Publication data. You can easily remove these if they should not be included.
Committee and reader roles added to Research Advising Roles list

Review and approve annual reports submitted by faculty in Workflow.

In the Spring of 2022, Faculty Affairs worked with the Faculty Success Advisory Group and the Council of Assistant Deans for Faculty Affairs to find a way to represent faculty involvement in p

Examples of activities and their corresponding Faculty Success screens.